Tortoises live a long time and peoples lives change. When they can no longer take care of their turtle or tortoise we are here to help. 

With over 40 in the Sanctuary in less than a year, we will be starting an adoption program and screening potential adopters. 

We love visitors so be sure to check out our Event Page or make arrangements to come out and visit. The Sanctuary is located at our private ranch so please make an appointment to come out and visit.

We greatly appreciate donations. We are non-profit but do not have a 501c due to it being on our private ranch. Everything it takes to feed and take care of these beautiful creatures comes from donations and out of our pockets. To make a donation please go to our donation page and see how you can help.

Check out our Turtle Store for turtle related items for sale.

To see pictures and video's of the turtles & tortoises go to: www.facebook.com/tortoiseacresrescue/
A place where tortoises & turtles can live a happy life and be enjoyed by others. 

We love for visitors to enjoy our shelled friends as much as we do. 

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