Tortoise Talk
Tortoise Acres Mobile Education & Adoption Center.
We are excited to show you our new trailer we are buying. It is priced at $5,000 but they are offering it to us for $1500. This will be used to take the tortoises to schools, events and evacuations. We need donations to help pay for it. We also need donations to purchase Plexiglas and wood to finish the enclosures inside. 

Cool things happening with our turtles & tortoises. Check back often to see updates and pictures.

Momo is a 15 year old Sulcata who was badly burned in the Camp Fire in Ca.
His house burned on top of him. 
He was cooked from the inside out.
Together with UC Davis we saved Momo's life. He was on a feeding tube. 
Follow his progress on our facebook  

Camp Fire Started Nov. 8th 2018
Structures destroyed: 
13,954 Homes
514 Commercial
153,336 Acres Burned
240 Square miles
Deaths 88
Missing 25
​Deadliest fire in Ca history.