Tortoise Talk
Cool things happening with our turtles & tortoises. Check back often to see updates and pictures.

Momo is a 15 year old Sulcata who was badly burned in the Camp Fire in Ca.
His house burned on top of him. 
He was cooked from the inside out.
Together with UC Davis we saved Momo's life. He was on a feeding tube. 
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Camp Fire Started Nov. 8th 2018
Structures destroyed: 
13,954 Homes
514 Commercial
153,336 Acres Burned
240 Square miles
Deaths 88
Missing 25
​Deadliest fire in Ca history.
Tortoise Acres Success Story. 
Tortoise Acres was founded in March 2016 as an idea. We started rescuing turtles and tortoises in April. Our first adoption went to his new home in October 2016. As of April 2019 we have adopted out, to loving families, 130 turtles & tortoises. We have 85 turtles and tortoises in the sanctuary with 55 of those having monthly sponsors who pay for their care. We fund raise and use our adoption money to feed the rest and other expenses it takes to run a rescue. We started as a private rescue and got our 501 (c)(3) nonprofit status March 2018. We were donated a 2006 Chevy truck to pull our evacuation and education trailer. With the bad fires in California this was a much needed trailer to evacuate these babies. We also use this trailer to go to schools and other locations for field trips to educate and enjoy these turtles and tortoises. We were just donated a camper van to be able to do longer distance rescues without having to pay for motels. We do not foster out any of our turtles & tortoises. They all live here at the sanctuary or our adoption center where we personally can make sure they are properly taken care of. Our Adoption Center is a commercial building located 2 miles away from the sanctuary. It is open to the public Monday through Friday 8 AM to 1 PM for free visits and time playing with the turtles and tortoises. Anyone can come and bring food and feed them. We have received rescues from 15 states whether FedEx or professional transporters, who we are connected with that donate their time. We are partnered with Shasta County Probation Department. Their traffic offenders can come and do community service hours instead of paying their ticket. We love our volunteers who help at the sanctuary and the adoption center. To sign up to volunteer call Katie at 530-941-0544. We have accomplished so much in a short time. We can’t wait to see where the next five years will take us. We are excited to partner with Global Turtle Family which are our counterparts to the south in Northern California. Our vice president lives in Placerville so we will be meeting up with Scott Burke very soon to combine our strategies on saving these wonderful shelled dinosaurs. To learn more about Tortoise Acres go to