Sponsor Your Favorite Tortoise           These are not for adoption.

"Crush" is our Russian tortoise.
We bought him as a yearling from a
pet store. He is 16 years old now. 
He started our love for tortoises.
"Crush" is sponsored by Liz Jordan

"Squirt" is one of our 1st rescues.
She is a 9 yr. old Red Footed Tortoise.
Her owner had a new baby and
their house was too small for the
tortoise and all the baby stuff.  
"Squirt's" sponsor is Stonie and Sully.

"Sheldon" a Sulcata was in a 
very small pen about 8'x8'
His owner felt he needed a
bigger enclosure. He is 15 
years old and weighs 125lbs. 
"Sheldon" sponsor is Jana.

"Pablo" a Sulcata was abused 
as a baby and fed cigarettes.
His shell is very deformed. 
It is a miracle he has survived
and his shell grew with him.
He is 14 yrs. old and very sweet.
​"Pablo's" sponsors are Kendall & G2 AnalyticsTechnology Group.

​"Chloe" is a Leopard Tortoise
She was surrendered to us and
lives at the sanctuary.
"Chloe" needs a sponsor.

"Shelly" a Sulcata had to relocate
due to the cold weather in Oregon.
He is 10 and very friendly.
Jeanette is "Shelly's" sponsor.

"Tiny" is a Sulcata tortoise. 
She came here to live in the 
sanctuary. She is so sweet.
​"Tiny's" sponsor is Dave.

"Sparticus" & "Sally" are Russian Tortoises.
They are living here until their owner can
take them back.
Their sponsor is Sarah.

"Pearl" is a giant 9lb. Russian Tortoise.
The neighbors dog was trying to kill 
She was brought here for her safety.
"Pearl's" sponsor is Tracy Westphal.

"Walter" came from Michigan. 
He needs a warmer state.
​"Walter"s" sponsor is Carrie.

"Gretel" is a 11 yr. old sweet
Russian tortoise. Her owner
wanted her in a bigger outside 
enclosure with friends.
"Gretel" sponsor is Heather.

"Cleo" was surrendered to us 
and lives at the sanctuary.
Cleo needs a sponsor.

Sponsor a Tortoise.
$25.00 a month for small.
$40.00 a month for big.
The money helps feed, and house your new 
shelled friend.
They live at the sanctuary and are not available for adoption.
"Matu" came to live here at the sanctuary after his owner unexpectedly passed away. He is a wonderful sweet Sulcata. 
"Matu's" needs a sponsor.
"Fido" owners couldn't keep him and want him to stay in the sanctuary. He is quite the bully.
"Fido" sponsor is Four Immeasurables Life Practice
"Ebony" is a rare Burmese Mountain Tortoise aka Asian Black Giant Tortoise. Less than 1,000 are left in the wild.
"Ebony" Needs a sponsor.
Zack & Mo came to us from LA. Their mommy moved to Montana. 
"Zack" & "Mo" are sponsored by Carla
Violet is a nice male Russian. 
His owners want him to stay in the sanctuary. 
"Violet" sponsor is Jason.
Mary Shelly was a rental tortoise for the movies in LA. She came to live at Tortoise Acres. She will have a normal life with little change.
"Mary Shelly" sponsor is Kay Hubbard.