Sponsor Your Favorite Turtle             These are not for adoption.

Roxie was lonely and her owners
brought her here to have a forever 
home with new friends. She is a 25
year old 3 toed Box Turtle.
Roxie needs a sponsor.

Rocket is a Eastern Box Turtle
His mommy had him 42 years. She 
was sad to have to give him up. 
Rocket's  sponsor is Kay Hubbard

Squirtle is a 4 year old Ornate 
Box Turtle. She was starved and 
was very tiny when we got her.
Squirtle's sponsor is Gloria.

Bumble Bee is an Asian Box Turtle.
He is great example of
severe neglect. He is so sweet.
Bumble Bee has Kay Hubbard as a sponsor.

Cessna was found at the 
Red Bluff Airport. A plane landed 
on her and broke her shell in several
places. We are keeping her here to
rehabilitate her.
Cessna sponsor is Kristen.  

Sponsor a Turtle.
$25.00 a month.
The money helps feed and house your new shell friend.

Carol Sue came to stay at Tortoise Acres to get the best care.
Carol Sue's sponsor is Cindy
Sara is a sweet girl who needs a proper enclosure and care. Her owner want her to stay at Tortoise Acres to thrive.
Sara's sponsor is Tim.
BeeBop is a 46 year old 3 toed Box Turtle. His owner wants him to live in sunny Ca from Montana.
BeeBop's sponsor is Cindi