Sponsor Your Favorite Turtle

"Roxie" was lonely and her owners
brought her here to have a forever 
home with new friends. She is a 21
 year old 3 toed Box Turtle.
"Roxie's" sponsors are Jeanne & Gerald Blum.

"Woodson" is a Central 
American Ornate Wood Turtle.
He had shell rot from the wrong
care. Now he is healthy & happy.
"Woodson" needs a sponsor.

"Shelby" is a box turtle. She
is my favorite. She has such 
a cute personality. She is not
shy at all. She eats out of
my hand and follows me.
"Shelby" needs a sponsor.

"Squirtle" is a year old Ornate Box
Turtle. She was starved and was 
very tiny when we got her.
"Squirtle" needs a sponsor.

"Bumble Bee" is an Asian Box Turtle.
He is great example of
severe neglect. He is so sweet.
"Bumble Bee" has Kay Hubbard as a sponsor.

Tullabelle is a 20 year old 3 Toed
Box Turtle. Her owner surrendered 
her to us to live her life out here.
"Tullabelle" needs a sponsor.

"Cessna" was found at the Red Bluff
Airport. A plane landed on her and 
broke her shell in several places. We 
are keeping her here to rehabilitate her.
"Cessna" needs a sponsor.  

Sponsor a Turtle.
$20.00 a month gets you updates and pictures.
The money helps feed and house your new shell friend.