Sponsor Your Favorite Tortoise
"Tumbleweed" is a an endangered 
Mojave desert tortoise. He was found 
walking across the road and brought to 
Tortoise Acres. We've gotten him a 
permit #228220 and are able to keep him.
Thanks Sue Morrow for sponsoring"Tumbleweed" 

Chevy is a 6-8yr. old Sulcata Male.
His owner is going to college for a few 
years. We will reunite them when the 
time is right. He will be spoiled.
Thanks Raylou for sponsoring "Chevy".

"Jersey" was FedEx shipped from
New Jersey. It is too cold for him.
Thanks Byron & Lily for sponsoring Jersey.

Mr. T is a Sonoran Desert Tortoise
His owner has put him in the 
sanctuary to be in a warmer climate.
She is his sponsor.

"Dodi" was flown from New York to live
in the sanctuary. Her owner pays her

Lucky was bought as a hatchling and 
put in a tank. She is 6 yrs. old now and
only had a few inches on either side.
She could only move back & forward.
"Lucky" needs a sponsor.

Spooky is a 15 year old Sulcata.
Spooky is a big boy.
He will live here at the rescue.
"Spooky" needs a sponsor.

Chico is an Ibera Greek Tortoise. 
He came from a reptile expo.
"Chico" needs a sponsor.

"Cactus George" is a Sonoran 
Desert Tortoise. He was 
surrendered to us without a permit. 
He is now permitted to 
Tortoise Acres #228822
"Cactus George" needs a sponsor.

Sponsor a Tortoise.
$20.00 a month gets you updates and pictures.
The money helps feed and house your new shell friend.
"Samson" & "Goliath" are 27 year old Sulcatas. They weighs over 200 lbs. Their owner is wanting to travel so he surrendered them to us. They are 
very shy but are coming out more
often. Samson looks like a dinosaur. 
"Samson" & "Goliath" need sponsors.

"Hudson" flew FedEx from 
New Jersey to live in a warmer climate. He is extremely small for his 
age of 18 years old. 5lbs.​
"Hudson" need sponsors.

"Beatrice" is one of our smaller Sulcata's. Her owners surrendered her. She can stay in the sanctuary as long as she stays small.
"Beatrice" needs a sponsor.

"Olive" is a Red Foot Tortoise.
She is so sweet. She didn't have 
the proper humidity and has plastron damage because of it.
"Olive" has Kay Hubbard as a sponsor.

"Sam" came to live in the sanctuary because it's too cold in Oregon.
"Sam" sponsor is Diane.
"Tasha's" family moved out of the country for her husband's job. They were devastated to have to place her in a new home.They are sponsoring her.

"Toby" came from Utah to enjoy the California sunshine. He is so friendly.
"Toby" has Liz as a sponsor.

"Carly", "Darla" & "Coco" came from the San Francisco Bay Area. Their wonderful owner is sponsoring them to be in the rescue. They are Russians tortoises.

"Dozer's" owner went off to college. He has had him since he was 12. They want him to live here.
"Dozer" has Doug for his sponsor.

"Jax" is a Greek Tortoise. He has come to live here at the sanctuary.
"Jax" has Victoria as his sponsor.

"Henry" "Henrietta" & "Helga" are from Washington. Their owners have surrendered them to the sanctuary. They are getting too old to take care of them. They really want them to stay but can't afford to sponsor them.
They need sponsors.

"Chickory" is a baby Sonoran Desert Tortoise. His permit will be here soon.
"Chickory's" sponsor is Kay Hubbard

"Eddie" is a Texas desert Tortoise. His mom has health issues and can't take care of him. His permit is on the way.
"Eddie" needs a sponsor.

"Charlie" has been surrendered to live here at the sanctuary. His owner is older and it's hard to take care of him.
"Charlie" has Diane as his sponsor.