Sponsor Your Favorite Tortoise
"Tumbleweed" is a an endangered 
Mojave desert tortoise. He was found 
walking across the road and brought to 
Tortoise Acres. We've gotten him a 
permit #228220 and are able to keep him.
"Tumbleweed" needs a sponsor.

Chevy is a 6-8yr. old Sulcata Male.
His owner is going to college for a few 
years. We will reunite them when the 
time is right. He will be spoiled.
"Chevy" needs a sponsor.

"Stella" lived in a travel trailer in OR. 
She was rescued by a vet tech and 
brought to us to live here.
"Stella" needs a sponsor.

Mr. T is a Sonoran Desert Tortoise
His owner has put him in the 
sanctuary to be in a warmer climate.
She is his sponsor.
Thanks Lori for loving Mr. T. and giving him the best.

Crush was found a year ago. His
foster family can't keep him any longer.
"Crush"has been adopted..

Lucky was bought as a hatchling and 
put in a tank. She is 6 yrs. old now and
only had a few inches on either side.
She could only move back & forward.
We drove 3 1/2 hours to rescue her.
"Lucky" needs a sponsor.

Spooky is a 15 year old Sulcata.
Spooky is our biggest tortoise.
He will live here at the rescue.
Thanks Noah & Issac for being his sponsor.

Chico is an Ibera Greek Tortoise. 
He came from a reptile expo.
"Chico" needs a sponsor.

"Cactus George" is a Sonoran 
Desert Tortoise. He was 
surrendered to us without a permit. 
He is now permitted to 
Tortoise Acres #228822
"Cactus George" needs a sponsor.

Sponsor a Tortoise.
$20.00 a month gets you updates and pictures.
The money helps feed and house your new shell friend.