Sponsor Your Favorite Tortoise                     These are not for adoption.
Andromeda  is a sweet Indian Star 
Tortoise who's owner was allergic to
her and sadly had to give her up.
Thanks Shellee for sponsoring Andromeda.

Chevy is a 8yr. old Sulcata Male.
His owner is going to college for a few 
years. We will reunite them when the 
time is right. He will be spoiled.
Thanks Raylou for sponsoring Chevy.

Winnie is a sweet Russian tortoise
who lives with her other tortoise
 friends at Tortoise Acres.
Thanks Kyle for sponsoring Winnie.

Tuga was attacked by 2 dogs as a 
baby. He is 6yrs. and very round like a
ball. We love him and glad he can stay 
in the sanctuary thanks to his sponsor.
Tuga has Diane as his sponsor. 

Dodi was flown from New York to live
in the sanctuary. She is 15 yrs. old
Dodi's sponsor is Judy.

Chico is a 2 yr. old Ibera Greek. 
He came from a reptile expo.
Chico's sponsor is Bill & April.

Dobbie was sent FedEx from 
Wisconsin to live in the sanctuary.
It is much warmer in Ca for her.
Dobbie's sponsor is Erika.

Sponsor a Tortoise.
$25.00 a month for small.
$40.00 a month for big.
The money helps feed, and house your new shelled friend.
They live at the sanctuary and are not available for adoption.​
Samson & Goliath are 28 year old Sulcatas. They weighs over 200 lbs. Their owner is wanting to travel so he surrendered them to us. They are 
very shy but are coming out more
often. Samson looks like a dinosaur. 
Samson needs a sponsor.
Goliath sponsor is Maureen.

Bumpy is a cute sulcata with MBD. She will live at the sanctuary.
Bumpy needs a sponsor.

Truffle is a Red Foot Tortoise.
She is so sweet. She lives with her friends at the sanctuary.
Truffle has Kelly as a sponsor.

Jersey came to live in the sanctuary because it's too cold in New Jersey.
He is a Sulcata and only weighs 5 lbs.
Jersey's sponsor is Beth Hausler.

Tasha's family moved out of the
 country for her husband's job. 
Tasha has the Kee family as her sponsor.

Carly, Darla & Coco came from the San Francisco Bay Area. Their wonderful owner is sponsoring them to be in the rescue. They are Russians tortoises.
Timmy is their sponsor.

Erica & Arial were surrendered to Tortoise Acres to live in a nice big enclosure.They are cute Cherry Heads.
Erica & Arial have Gloria as there sponsor.

Jax is a Greek Tortoise. He has come to live here at the sanctuary.
Jax has Timmy as his sponsor

Charlie has been surrendered 
to live here at the sanctuary. His 
owner is older and it's hard to take 
care of him.
Charlie has Diane as his sponsor.

Onyx is a rare Burmese 
Mountain Tortoise aka Asian 
Black Giant Tortoise. Less 
than 1,000 are left in the wild.
Onyx sponsor is Pam.

Tina was surrendered because his owners can't keep her anymore. Her owners want her to live at the sanctuary.
Tina's sponsor is John.
Gordon was a mascot for Docker a company in San Francisco. He came to live at the sanctuary where he can be outside. 
Gordon's sponsors are April & Suzanne.
Momo was badly burned in the Camp Fire in Paradise. He came here to recover.
Momo's sponsor is Jim.
Sam flew in from Pennsylvania to live in a warmer climate. He is a sweet boy and will love our irrigated pasture.
Sam's sponsor is Charlie.
Tum Tum is a sweet boy who will live here until his family gets a better set up for him.
Tum Tum's sponsor is Jaime
Squirtle came to live at the sanctuary from Reno.
Squirtle's sponsor is Kendra
Rocky is living at the sanctuary for a few years until his family get into a bigger house.
Rocky's sponsor is Raelynn
Professor Penny got to big for her yard so she came here to live until her owners get a bigger place.
Penny's sponsor is Abby
Priscilla came from New Hampshire to live at the sanctuary where she will have a lot of outside space.
Priscilla's sponsor is Heidi
Road Rash is a cute hatchling Sonoran Desert Tortoise that was found in the road. His tummy was burned from the hot cement. 
Road Rash's sponsor is Deborah Casaubon