Please Sponsor Me Today!                    We are not available for adoption.

These turtles & tortoises need a sponsor to be able to stay in the sanctuary.
$25-$40 a month guarantees them a space in the sanctuary. You will get monthly pictures of your sponsored turtle/ tortoise.
Momo is a big Shellebrity. He was badly burned in the Camp Fire. He is fighting for his life. We have to transport him to UC Davis every 3 days for treatments. Bragging rights to be his sponsor! 
$50 a month.
Chloe is a sweet girl who has been a breeder and now it's time for her to have a relaxing life here in the sanctuary. She loves to show off her pretty colors to the school kids where she goes on field trips. Sponsor her today so she can continue to bless kids. $40
Gretel is an older girl. Her owner asked if she could live in the sanctuary. She has been here 2 years w/o a sponsor. Her owner can't afford to pay her sponsorship. She is not available for adoption. Her owner would want her back if we decided she couldn't stay. Please sponsor her. $25
Fido is quit the ham and comes when he is called. His gullers are so curved that he has to have wood around his entire enclosure to keep from getting them caught in the fence. Sponsor this big 100 pounder today. $40
Cloe is a beautiful leopard tortoise that is looking for a sponsor so she can stay with her friends in the sanctuary. She is housed with 10 other tortoises. 
Sign up today for only $40/month.
Ebony and Onyx are very rare Black Burmese Mountain Tortoises. They are on the RED endangered list. Join us with a friend and sponsor these great tortoises. $40 each
Eddie is a Texas Desert Tortoise. He came from Huston 2 days before the flood. He was lucky then, let him be lucky now and be his sponsor. $40
Helga is a 50lb. 18 year old Leopard Tortoise. She is a sweet girl and needs a sponsor. $40
Chico is a tiny baby cutie. He is a Iberra Greek Tortoise. You can sponsor him and visit him at the adoption center. $25
Woodson is a Central American Ornate Wood Turtle. He loves his worms and strawberries. Please be his sponsor so he can stay in the sanctuary. He's been here 2 years w/o a sponsor. $25
Squirtle is a 2 year old tiny Ornate box turtle. He lives at the Adoption Center so if you sponsor him you can come and play with him. $25
Tumbleweed is an old man at about 80. He needs a sponsor as we don't want him to leave the sanctuary. He loves his fieldtrips and educating the kids. $40
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Tristan is the oldest at the sanctuary at 100 years old! He has gone through 4 generations and will live here until he gains his angel wings. He is hand fed everyday. Sponsor him for $40.