Please Sponsor Me Today!                    We are not available for adoption.
These turtles & tortoises need a sponsor to be able to stay in the sanctuary.
$25-$40 a month guarantees them a space in the sanctuary. You will get monthly pictures of your sponsored turtle/ tortoise.
Ebony and Onyx are very rare Black Burmese Mountain Tortoises. They are on the RED endangered list. 
Sponsor them for $40/each a month.

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Sampson is a 230lb sulcata. He was surrendered to Tortoise Acres. His sponsor can visit him and scoop his giant poop lol. 
Sponsor him for $40 a month.
Matu owner was a missionary who died while on a missions trip. He needs a sponsor. Matu will always live here at Tortoise Acres.
Sponsor him for $40 a month.
Roxie is the sweetest Box Turtle. She loves spending time outdoors with her other box turtle friends.
Sponsor her for $25.00.
Sheldon is our first giant Sulcata. He is the sanctuary's mascot. The grandkids love him.
Please sponsor Sheldon $40/month.

Pablo was badly abused and fed cigarettes as food. He was saved from them but he got divorced and Pablo came to live in the sanctuary where he is on irrigated pasture and spoiled with goodies. 
Sponsor him for $40.00.