Please Sponsor Me Today!                    We are not available for adoption.

These turtles & tortoises need a sponsor to be able to stay in the sanctuary.
$25-$40 a month guarantees them a space in the sanctuary. You will get monthly pictures of your sponsored turtle/ tortoise.
Chloe is a sweet girl who has been a breeder and now it's time for her to have a relaxing life here in the sanctuary. She loves to show off her pretty colors to the school kids where she goes on field trips. Sponsor her today so she can continue to bless kids.
 Sponsor her for $40 a month.
Cleo is a beautiful leopard tortoise that is looking for a sponsor so she can stay with her friends in the sanctuary. She is housed with 10 other tortoises. 
Sponsor her for $40 a month.
Ebony and Onyx are very rare Black Burmese Mountain Tortoises. They are on the RED endangered list. 
Sponsor them for $40/each a month.

Squirtle is a 2 year old tiny Ornate box turtle. She lives at the Adoption Center so if you sponsor her you can come see her.
Sponsor her for $25 a month.
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Sampson is a 230lb sulcata. He was surrendered to Tortoise Acres. His sponsor can visit him and scoop his giant poop lol. 
Sponsor him for $40 a month.
Goliath is a bog boy at 230lbs. Who wants to sponsor your very own dinosaur? Visit and volunteer to help with his care. 
Sponsor him for $40 a month.
Matu is a special guy. Matu's owner died while on a missions trip. He will live here forever. Honor his dad. 
Sponsor him for $40 a month.
Fido is quite the rebel! Notice his gulars. He rams everything. He will never be able to be adopted. Volunteer to get chased around his pen so we can clean it safely.
Sponsor him for $40 a month.
Wasabi is a sweet blond sulcata who needs a sponsor to stay in the sanctuary. We love to bring him on educational field trips.
Sponsor him for $40 a month.

Erica & Arial flew in from New Jersey. They are looking for sponsors to be able to stay in the sanctuary. 
Sponsor one for $40 a month.