Please Donate to a great cause!
Several ways to donate are:

*Sponsor a turtle or tortoise in the sanctuary and get monthly updates and pictures for $20.00 a month.
See our "Meet The Turtles" page to pick one. 

*Donate to our Paypal fund

* Bring fruits and vegetables to Munchy Monday
                    (for info go to the Event page)

*Make or buy turtle related items for our Turtle Store.

*Come to our events and buy from the Turtle Store or just donate money to help feed and house the turtles.

*Adopting a turtle makes room for more to be rescued.

*Volunteer to transport a turtle from far away locations.

*Volunteer at one of our events.

​* We need donations of fruits and vegetables, Missouri tortoise pellets, hay, livestock panels, shade umbrellas, dog igloo's, cinder blocks, t-posts, garden carts, plywood and wood to go around the livestock panels so they can't see out.
Great ways to help make Tortoise Acres a success.

We appreciate all of our donations, volunteers, adopters & sponsors.
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