We would love to give every single turtle and tortoise a forever home.

Realistically we can't. 

We don't want to be turtle hoarders.
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So you are thinking of adding a turtle or tortoise to your family. Adoption is such a loving and caring option.

This is what you need to adopt from us:

You will fill out a two page adoption application when you get here. We will give you instructions on feeding, enclosures, heat & lights. You must be 18yrs. or have permission from parents.
You must show us pictures of your enclosures.
Pay the adoption fee & take your new shelled friend home.
Fill out our contact form and let us know what species of turtle or tortoise you are looking for or
 Text us 530-941-0544. We answer right away.

*We need to know where you live* 

Sorry we do NOT ship. But you can pick up.

Adoption money goes towards: 

Gas to rescue turtles & tortoises 

Feeding, housing & general care

Check this page often as it changes all the time.

Available For Adoption Now.
Tortoise Acres Adoption Center
3365 East St. #A
Anderson, CA 96007
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-1:00pm
or by appointment.
Text for more info 530-941-0544

It is illegal to breed, sell, give away or take from the wild a Desert Tortoise. You can not have a male and female on the same property. They can only be acquired from a rescue, club or conservatory. It is illegal to have a Desert Tortoise without a permit from Fish & Wildlife. They are an endangered species. 
They can be adopted from us. We get you a permit when you adopt. Keep checking back for availability.
To learn more about them go to:
5 Adoptions in January 
11 Adoptions in February
10 Adoptions in March
7 Adoptions in April
11 Adoptions in May
12 Adoptions in June 
12 Adoptions in July
4 Adoptions in August
WOW 1st time ever all the turtles and tortoises have been adopted.

More come in everyday so keep checking back.