We would love to give every single turtle and tortoise a forever home.

Realistically we can't. 

We don't want to be turtle hoarders.
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So you are thinking of adding a turtle or tortoise to your family. Adoption is such a loving and caring option.

We here at Tortoise Acres are here through out the life of your shelled friend to answer questions and help in any way we can. If at any time you can't keep your turtle or tortoise it must be returned to Tortoise Acres.

A two page adoption application is required along with instructions on feeding, inside & outside enclosure pictures, heat & lights are required to adopt a turtle or tortoise. You must be 18yrs.+
You must show us pictures of your enclosures.
Fill out our contact form and let us know what species of turtle or tortoise you are looking for. 
You can text or call us at 530-941-0544

*We need to know where you live* 

Sorry we do NOT ship. But you can pick up.

Adoption money goes towards: 

Gas to rescue turtles & tortoises 

Feeding, housing & general care

You can stop by to see what we have in person at:

Available For Adoption Now.
Tortoise Acres Adoption Center
3365 East St. #A
Anderson, CA 96007
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-1:00pm
or by appointment.
Text for more info 530-941-0544

It is illegal to breed, sell, give away or take from the wild a Desert Tortoise. You can not have a male and female on the same property. They can only be acquired from a rescue, club or conservatory. It is illegal to have a Desert Tortoise without a permit from Fish & Wildlife. They are an endangered species. 
They can be adopted from us. We get you a permit when you adopt. Keep checking back for availability.
To learn more about them go to:
Leo is a 5 year old Sulcata. He is growing like a weed. He weighs about 45-50lbs. He came from Chicago and his owner was paying his sponsorship but lost her job. He is sweet and looking for a new home.
Adoption Fee $250
5 Adoptions in January 
11 Adoptions in February
Sunflower is a 3 toed Box Turtle. She is looking for her next family to love her. She can be seen at Tortoise Acres Adoption Center 3365 East St. Anderson, CA or call/text for more info 530-941-0544
Adoption fee $100
Sasha is a 1 year old Russian tortoise.
She is a sweet girl and loves to get outside to eat the grass and run around.
Adoption Fee $100