We would love to give every single turtle and tortoise a forever home.

Realistically we can't. 

We don't want to be turtle hoarders.
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So you are thinking of adding a turtle or tortoise to your family. Adoption is such a loving and caring option.

This is what you need to adopt from us:

You will fill out a two page adoption application when you get here. We will give you instructions on feeding, enclosures, heat & lights. You must be 18yrs. or have permission from parents.
You must show us pictures of your enclosures.
Pay the adoption fee & take your new shelled friend home.
Fill out our contact form and let us know what species of turtle or tortoise you are looking for & we will put you on our waiting list. Leave a text #
 Text us 530-941-0544. We answer texts right away.

    *We  have transporters who can pick up or deliver turtles & tortoises for .50  a mile *

Sorry we do NOT ship. But you can pick up.

Adoption money goes towards: 

Gas to rescue turtles & tortoises 

Feeding, housing & general care

Check this page often as it changes all the time.

Available For Adoption Now.
Tortoise Acres Adoption Center
3365 East St. #A
Anderson, CA 96007
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-1:00pm
or by appointment.

Text for more info 530-941-0544

It is illegal to breed, sell, give away or take from the wild a Desert Tortoise. You can not have a male and female on the same property. They can only be acquired from a rescue, club or conservatory. It is illegal to have a Desert Tortoise without a permit from Fish & Wildlife. They are an endangered species. 
They can be adopted from us. We get you a permit when you adopt. Keep checking back for availability.
To learn more about them go to:
Just a reminder: We have no idea the care these tortoises have gotten before they come to Tortoises Acres. Most of them have some degree of MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease) Calcium & sunlight will make it better but will not cure it.
If you decide to take your tortoise to the vet after bringing him home, at no time is Tortoise Acres responsible for the vet bill or any part of it. We will however take the tortoise back and exchange you with another one as soon as one becomes available. Please if you have questions don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help.
This is a rescue not a pet shop.

Thanks to everyone who adopts a tortoise in need.
We currently have no tortoises for adoption. 
That changes on a daily basis so keep checking back.