Tortoises live a long time and people's lives change. When they can no longer take care of their turtle or tortoise we are here to help. We are located in Northern California. We have gotten tortoises from 33 states. 
Text Katie at 530-941-0544 to surrender your tortoise.

With roughly 80 in the Sanctuary and over 700 already adopted, we have come to the conclusion that this is a much needed rescue. We are one of the largest tortoise rescue in the US.

If you're thinking of adopting a turtle or tortoise please go to our Adoption page to see what is available. This page changes often as we adopt out and get new ones in daily. We have care sheet for the most popular tortoises we have for adoption so check them out.

We offer boarding for your shelled friend while you're on vacation or moving. 
$5.00 a day. Only available May-Sept.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to have the public visit the sanctuary. We are not ADA compliant.   

You can now visit the turtles and tortoises available for adoption by appointment at:

Tortoise Acres Adoption Center
3365 East St. #A
Anderson, CA 96007
 appointment 530-941-0544

We greatly appreciate donations. We are a  non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue & sanctuary. Everything it takes to feed and take care of these beautiful creatures comes from donations, fundraisers, sponsors and adoptions. To make a donation please go to our donation page and see how you can help.

We are a certified location for Shasta County Probation Dept. community service hours. Our helpers are a key role in keeping the rescue & sanctuary clean and nice for our shelled friends. They help with building enclosures, feeding, watering and scooping poop. 

To see pictures and video's of the turtles & tortoises go to:



To get ideas on how to build and indoor or outdoor enclosure or tortoise table, go to our Pinterest page. Over 700 ideas in one place!
Our Mission here at Tortoises Acres is to rescue, rehabilitate & rehome turtles and tortoises. 
We also pride ourselves in educating the public on care, feeding and housing of turtles and tortoises.​
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